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Our Biomass Pellet Boiler

in action within our display showroom

providing warm air and all of our hot water and central heating.
Free heat, all repaid through the RHI.


ABoC made a quantum leap into renewable technology in 2013 installing and retailing a range of MCZ pellet stoves and boilers distributed in the UK through Specflue.  Our MCZ Lotus now sits proudly in our refitted showroom (photos left).  Information on this technology can be found using any of our partner links:
  • Make: MCZ ( website ), high performing Italian stoves with a sought-after design.
  •  ( yourFire, a quick and easy guide to help you choose the right model )
  • Model: Red365 Lotus, 25kw ( information ), 24.8kWth
  • Commissioned: 13/11/2013
  • MCS Installer: TBA
  • Distributor: Specflue ( website ), the UK's No1 supplier of flue and chimney systems.
  • Typical Cost: 7k for a 25kW straight boiler replacement (normally oil) supplied and fitted.  12 2K for a 25kW boiler with thermal store, flue system, meter to accommodate the RHI (as shown).  All installations are different!  Note the RHI is designed to repay this cost well within its lifetime.  As with yourself, I am sceptical, and am collating figures which will be freely available during any discussions.
  • and please be aware of the downsides, pellet boilers: need fed; need cleaned and maintained; need space; and have a large initial capital outlay.
  • Stove: provides direct heat to the room
  • Boiler: provides hot water for central heating systems

Renewable Heat Incentive ( (RHI) - turning an overhead into an income
An important cost factor is the government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).  The energy produced will pay for the boiler and the pellets they use over the coming years.  Read about RHI on any of the following reputable links, then give ABoC a call to make an appointment and discuss how you can benefit from this renewable technology:

RHI Tariff ( Eligibility and criteria apply ):

  • Phase 1, commercial, 8.6 p/kWh for 20 years (boiler size and tiers apply)   (Info on Verdo website)
  • Phase 2, domestic, 12.2 p/kWh for 7 years (released 09 April 2014).

Your hot water and central heating paid for 7 years and a free (nearly) boiler?.....
Lets work out a typical example, a domestic property burning 25000kWhr per year (medium/large house).

  • Payments Received, 25000kW * .122p/kW: 1 year - 3050; 7 years - 21350 (payments are indexed linked)
  • Cost of fuel: 25000kWhr at 4800 kWhr/tonne with 93% efficiency = 5.6 tonne/year = 1568 (at 280/tonne); 7 years - 10976 = Fuel Paid
  • Excess:  1 year - 1482; 7 years - 10374 = Boiler Paid (nearly)

Its not all good news.  First you need to find an installer.  You need to have the boiler maintained and cleaned, estimated 200 per year, and there is a small electrical running cost.  The boiler needs filled on a regular basis (hopper feeds available) and along with the thermal store takes up a lot of space (can be hidden away or made a feature in your home).  The values are estimates and subject to change, up as well as down.  The 7 year term should see a profit around 10000 closely meeting the cost of the install.  Its called a no-brainer!

Lessons learned.  Having went through this process, we can testify its not easy (MCS accreditation, meters, large cost, RHI, boiler maintenance), lots of trip hazards on the way but this is not a con. ABoC have this equipment installed and working in our showroom and can demonstrate.  Make an appointment and discuss how you can benefit from RHI.


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