Solid Fuel is our Business: Fuels & Flues

Approved Retailer
  • Fuels: Logs, Charcoals, Smokeless, Pellets (Ready To Burn approved)
  • Flues: Liner and Parts Stockist (Dura Flue)
  • Bespoke Stove Installations (HETAS)
  • Chimney Sweep (HETAS Approved)
  • Large Showroom with 3 work stoves
  • T: 0191 295 0523
  • E: contact@aboc.co.uk
  • A: 1000 Shields Road, NE6 4SQ
  • Open: 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
  • Open: 10am to 2pm Saturday
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ABoC are dedicated to the Sale, Service, Installation and Maintenance of all Solid Fuel related appliances. A HETAS Approved Retailer; HETAS/SweepSafe Approved Chimney Sweep; Approved Coal Merchant; Approved Woodfuel Merchant; and North East Fuel Trade Distributor.  From selling and installing your stove, we feed and look after it during its life and can even take it away and recycle afterwards.  A true 'cradle to grate' Solid Fuel service delivered from a 1000 sq ft dedicated Solid Fuel Centre.

ABoC have made significant capital investment in recent years upgrading equipment and facilities.  Call in and view one of the North East's only biomass installations providing all of our heating and hot water.  The business is now focussed on domestic and commercial activities in:

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COVID-19 Update.  
Our counter sales are open, serving outside where possible and with safe procedures in our premises.
Thank You for your patience at this difficult time or us all. Stay safe. Dave.

Delivery service as normal, card payments only:
T: 0191 295 0523
E: contact@abocsolidfuels.co.uk


ABoC are a HETAS Approved Retailer for Stoves & Installations

HETAS Approved Retailers give consumer confidence in getting a suitable, efficient and safe heating appliance for their home. All approved retailers contain at least one HETAS trained showroom staff member, meaning quality advice can be given to the end user that meets a good standard of service. Consumers purchasing a product from a HETAS Approved Retailer showroom::

  • Have confidence that there will be knowledgeable staff available in the showroom.
  • Will purchase a safe and legal appliance with the appropriate amount of output needed to heat their home.
  • Be able to identify key features of each appliance through a product labeling system to make an informed choice to suit their needs.
  • Key topic advice sheets available in store for advice on maintaining their appliance efficiently and to the correct code of practice
  • Read more on the HETAS website...

Developing our Green Credentials

ABoC have one of the few biomass installations in the North East.  This is on display producing all of our heating and hot water which we'll be more than happy to demonstrate during your visit.

Green Fuels.  Smokeless fuel is a manufactured product designed to reduce emissions over bituminous coals to an acceptable level.  Smokeless is by far our best seller and ABoC also stock a 50% renewable smokeless (Ecoal50) that also benefits from volume discounts.

Green Appliances. The majority of stoves that we sell are DEFRA approved meaning reduced emissions and logs can be burnt in a smokeless controlled area.

Renewables.  In the solid fuel industry this can mean burning wood but essentially its burning wood pellets or wood chip on a boiler/stove specifically built for that purpose.  Check our biomass page.

An electric car recharging 'POD Point' is installed on site.

Our History

Our solid fuel business started at the beginning of 2008.  Following problems with obtaining then missed coal deliveries at home we started purchasing pre-packed bags from garage forecourts.  Although more expensive, it meant we could regulate supply better and more importantly store bags in the garage and simply carry one at a time into our home.  This meant we no longer needed a bunker and the mess associated with filling and emptying it often having to do so when it was cold or raining.  Idea!...

Having garage space, a tonne was purchased commercially making the price comparable with loose delivery.  That was three years supply for us at home, so having another business we placed ad's promoting a coal delivery service.  The business was born, ABoC Solid Fuels (formerly, A Bit of Coal, the name being a derivative of our original business ABITOVADU).


Need Fuel?

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Everyone warms to the cosy glow and flickering flames that only a real fire can offer

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