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Logs & Firewood

All Prices inclusive of VAT at 5%
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ABoC are one of the North East's few Approved Woodfuel Merchants.  Our focus is on high quality seasoned hardwood logs with a moisture content guaranteed to be less than 20%.  During 2013 we meticulously researched this market and decided the branded bags were the best method of ensuring high quality, competitive price, and convenience of delivery.  Keeping the process simple with a standard size and ordering in bulk means we can keep prices low.  You don't need a wood shed and don't have to wait for the product to dry out or season.  There are also no special transport requirements required.  (Read more...) 


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Other Firewood Products

  SAFETY ** ABoC are a NACS Approved Chimney Sweep.
Fuel Customers can get their chimney swept and stove cleaned for £40 inc VAT.  You will get a NACS certificate which supports your household insurance, stove and flue warranty.  A fully insured power sweeping service with triple HEPA Filtered Industrial Vacuum (service details)
    Note: It is an offence to use wood as a fuel within a local authority designated smoke control area unless it is burnt on a DEFRA exempted appliance.


Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs - £5

Volume discounts...

10 bags for £48 (£4.80 per bag)
20 bags for £92 (£4.60 per bag)
34 bags (1m3) for £150 (£4.41 per bag)
40 bags for £176 (£4.40 per bag)
(excludes other discounts)

 Price includes VAT (at 5%) and Delivery

Branded prepacked bag of tightly packed logs, 0.03m3 volume and approximately 10kg (note logs cannot be sold by weight due to the moisture content).  Logs are a standard 10" long, designed to fit both open fires and stoves.  Mixed Scandinavian source.

Same Premium Logs in larger 0.08m3 sack

Sacks - £13.50
Same price per volume as the bags

13 sacks (1m3) for £150 (£11.54 per sack)
A great price that has made this our Best Seller

Are they Popular?
Over 3000 of these bags were sold in 2016

Check around and compare this price with any comparative retail or online business.  The logs are delivered at your convenience then carried and stacked where you want. The quality of this product simply cannot be compared any dumpy bag delivery.

Homefire Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are our highest quality and best performing logs, and are ideal for burning on any wood burning appliance. These logs are often used in wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens, chimeneas, or traditional open fires.

Why No Dumpy Bags?

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs cannot be compared with dumpy bags from an unknown source dropped on your drive.

  • are they seasoned?
  • are they dry?
  • what is the quality like throughout the bag , especially at the bottom?
  • how do you get the logs from your drive/pavement to your home?
  • can you pay by card?
  • will your money be refunded if you are not 100% satisfied?

You will have paid a lot of money for your stove and liner or to get your fireplace opened up.  Burning wet logs wastes all of the energy built up in your fire or are impossible to light.  More importantly, the dampness will be causing condensation in your chimney/liner that will eventually corrode it; or the resins from unseasoned logs will be deposited on the walls and will eventually cause a chimney fire.


Love your Stove - Burn Quality Fuels
get your chimney swept regularly

Homefire Olive Briquettes, 10kg - £5.50

Next Generation Fuel
Burns 40% hotter and lasts twice as long as kiln dried logs

We know you love burning firewood for the look, the feel, and the environmental bene­fits but wish that it gave out more heat and lasted longer – in short you want firewood to perform more like coal. With Home­fire Olive Briquettes, we have developed a brand new fuel that gives you the best of both worlds. Homefire Olive Briquettes burn 40% hotter than hardwood kiln dried logs and last twice as long. They’re also easy to light, 100% renewable and draw an amazing flame picture so you can still enjoy all the qualities of burning traditional firewood with a product that gives you even more value for money.

Homefire Olive Briquettes are made from 80% olive and 20% charcoal fines and are packed in strong 10kg raffia bags for clean and easy storage. Suitable for open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners & chimeneas.

Heat Logs (10, approx 10kg) - £4.80

For use in open fires, and multifuel stoves.  Also makes it a good outdoor fuel for use in the summer in a chimenea or fire basket.

Heatlogs are a by-product of managed forests and recycled wood, consisting of nothing more than sawdust, which has been dried then compacted under high pressure and heat. During this process Lignin a natural component of wood is produced in liquid form and when cooled solidifies, binding the wood together in its new form with no need for adhesives or chemicals to be added.

Woodcoal (Lignite), 15kg - £7.90

Woodcoal Briketts are a uniquely longer-burning solid fuel for wood burning stoves, and will burn overnight. Ideal to burn on its own or with wood briquettes and normal logs to make the fire last longer. They are easy to light, have a high heat output and bright lively flames. This HETAS approved domestic fuel burns safely in combination with wood and takes your fire through the night.  Main content: Lignite.  Read more (fireplace.co.uk)...

Snugafire Irish Peat (12.5kg) - £5.40

Snugafire peat briquettes are made from 100% natural materials with no additives.  This traditional fuel is perfect for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves, creating a real roaring fire, with a pleasant aroma.  Easy to light, High heat output, Long lasting and clean to handle.  Very popular and great for topping up a coal fire later in the evening.

Cosi-Logs, complete - £1.60  (£16 box of 12)

  • All in one product, no firelighters or kindling required.
  • Manufactured from recycled sawdust combined with a wax based igniter.
  • Easy to light and giving 2-3 hours of long-lasting heat.
  • Bright flames on all open fires
  • Recommended for easy fire lighting - just light the wrapper.

Softwood Logs - £4

Seasoned softwood logs ideal for open fires, multifuel and wood burning stoves, and any other wood burning appliances.  Cut to fit both traditional and modern fireplaces, around 8 inches.

Ideal for topping up a coal fire later in the evening.  Approx 10kg but cannot be sold by weight due to any moisture content.  Approximate volume 0.025 (1/40th) m3.


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs guaranteed <20% moisture.  It means they can be burnt immediately and at a high temperature so are ideal for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, traditional open fires, or pizza ovens.  Can be used either on their own or with our other range of solid fuel items.  As they are hardwood, they will burn slowly and efficiently. Hardwood logs provide the warmth, the quintessential glow and that distinctive aroma only a log fire can provide.  Certified by both FSC and HETAS, meaning they come from responsibly managed woodlands and meet strict quality control guidelines for moisture content, size, package volume, species and country of origin.

To ensure high quality at all times, these Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs meet strict quality control guidelines for moisture content, size, package volume, species and country of origin.

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Top Tips

Free Fuel.  Timber offcuts and clean pallets are perfectly safe to burn on a stove or open fire.  These will primarily be softwood so will burn very quickly.  Make sure there are no paints or resins on them, chop into 8" or 10" pieces and enjoy free fuel.  Don't forget ABoC for your quality products and smokeless fuels!

Burning.  Use firewood on its own or to top up you fire later in the evening. They burn best on a bed of ash and from above downwards requiring a top vent.  Coal (or Smokeless fuel) burns from below requiring a bottom vent (or grill/riddle), usually above the ash pan.  As fuel burns the ash blocks the bottom vent slowing or eliminating the fire.  Topping up collapses the fire, further blocking the bottom vent.  As coal takes longer to start burning, logs provide the perfect fuel to keep your fire going.

Kiln Drying.  Logs do not have to be kiln dried.  Kiln drying just reduces the drying time meaning the logs to not have to be stacked and stored for months.  It also ensures the product is seasoned as suppliers would not kiln dry unseasoned logs.  The purists don't like kiln drying as it can make the logs too dry which means they burn very quickly.  Its a fair point but

Slumbering, means leaving your fire to burn slowly.  Any moisture or resins (or sulphur with smokeless) in your fuel need to be burnt vigorously so any harmful substance is exhausted from the chimney.   Burning slowly means moisture can condensate on the walls mix with the acids and corrode especially near the top of the chimney.  ABoC recommend you do not slumber if you have a flue liner.  If you have an unlined chimney its probably OK but have your chimney swept at least once a year, twice of burning logs regularly.


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