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HETAS H003 Certificate   

Stoves are technical pieces of furniture that need to be installed by a competent person, HETAS assess and train companies to install solid fuel appliances to current building regulations. Once the correct appliance has been chosen and installed and the correct chimney parts used the installer can then sign off the installation and provide you with a certificate. You will need this certificate when a) you sell your house or b) if you have an insurance claim caused by the stove or its installation.

ABoC stock a select range of quality stoves, many DEFRA Approved (meaning wood can be burnt in a smoke exempt area) installed by our HETAS Registered partner business with 20+ years experience in the heating trade and numerous stove installations under their belt.  Keeping the range select and having a dedicated installer means we become very proficient in selling, installing and maintaining the range long term.  Building a good relationship with those manufacturers and knowing everything about the products sold means we also build a strong customer relationship.  Choose a stove from ABoC if:

Having visited the UK's largest stove and fireplace trade exhibition (Hearth and Home in Harrogate) for the last 5 years the range of stoves on offer is immense and selecting those to stock daunting.  In the traditional range, the styles are fairly similar and fortunately for ABoC our installer specialises in fitting one of the best, Dunsley.

ABoC have been in business since 1991 and in these premises since 1999.  Since 2008, the business has become an established solid fuel (coal and logs) merchant and trade distributor.  Solid Fuel is our business blood, its all we do.  Our showroom has a working biomass pellet boiler on display providing all of our heat and hot water which we'll be more than happy to show off during your visit.  Developing the stove side was a natural progression, it just took some time, effort (and money) to get the project off the ground.  Our commitment is to the Solid Fuel trade, all the necessary industry accreditations have been obtained and some very strong industry relationships have been developed.  ABoC do not take chances and do not cut corners.  What this means to you is trust.  We are here long term to support the customer in every aspect of Solid Fuel.

Stoves are sold at manufacturers list price then benefit from product discounts from ABoC's complete range of solid fuel services that few suppliers can match.  Stoves can be sold individually but ideally as an installation package whereby ABoC take full responsibility for all aspects of the installation and after sales service.  Fuel starter packs and sweeps included mean your first few weeks of operation and initial maintenance are cost and trouble free.  You will be making a significant investment in one of the major features of your home so take the time to consider all options.

Hopefully, you will purchase from ourselves but if not, please consider using a local established stove showroom that offers a full installation package or an installer who works directly with that business.  Both the installer and showroom will be committed to offering you good advise to ensure you get a product that suits your needs and will be there as support should there be any problems during or after installation.  You will not get that level of service by purchasing online to save a few pounds.  Stick to established brands and do not purchase low priced stoves which a good installer will be reluctant or refuse to fit.  In the stove world as with many products, you get what you pay.  Remember the stove is only about a third of the installation cost.

The installer must be HETAS approved (click logo link above) or signed off by a building inspector.  Planning Reference: Approved Document J (heat producing appliances).


  1. Enquiry: Visit our showroom or phone for information to discuss your requirements.  Where possible, an approximate price will be provided.  This is always subject to change with any additional work you may need or want, see 'Installation Package' page.

  2. Quotation: A free, no obligation, survey will me made by a HETAS Approved Installer who will go through your requirements and provide an accurate price.  All being well, a survey report will be issued and from that a formal quotation sent.  This is valid for as long as you may need to decide or work the installation into any building works or holidays.  After three months, the quotation may be subject to small material or VAT price changes.  This is a no obligation quote, please let us know if you do not want to proceed as this saves following up the enquiry.

  3. Confirmation:  Once the quotation has been amended and agreed, a 50% deposit confirms the process.  The stove will be ordered and depending on delivery and workload a date will be fixed for your installation, usually within one month. or to fit in with your building works or holidays.

  4. Installation:  The installation process normally takes 2 to 3 days, the final few hours being the installation and commissioning of the stove.  When you are satisfied with all aspects of the work the 50% balance can be paid.

  5. After Sales: Both the stove and flue liner are subject to long guarantees which ABoC will deal with for you.  ABoC will also deal with any building issues you may have.  Please note, in the event of any warranty issues, the stove and flue manufacturers will investigate both the installation and want to see all of your fuel and sweep receipts (please retain).  They will know exactly what you have burnt and whether you have maintained the flue by regular sweeping.


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